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PSA Grading Service

to check the status of your submission!


-$17 per card

(vs. PSA min. of $25)

-Card Saver 1's are provided

-Submitter covers shipping

-Minimum 10 cards

Card Review

-$1 per card

-Maxed at $50

(Qty. over 50 are free)

-Grade predictions provided

-Provide a recommendation for each card

-Catch poor cards before grading

Pre-Grading Review Video

-$15 per video

-Uploaded to YouTube & cards are reviewed live for your viewing pleasure

-Prior example can be viewed in the link below:


Want to move forward?  Download the submission form:

(PSA submission form captures all steps for successful submission)

Thanks for submitting!

Questions?  Leave us a message below or email us :

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