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What is a consignment?

Consigning means to leverage a business' platform to help your items sell.  In exchange for selling your item, the person or business charges a fee - usually a percentage of the item's sold price.

Why consign?

Consigning can be an affordable alternative to selling on your own.  It saves time finding a buyer, setting up & establishing a reputation and learning the ins & outs of the industry.  Leveraging an established company's reputation can also help fetch the best price for your item.

Some things to consider

* We will not sell your item under the price you request.

* Items must be shipped to us before marketing your item so we can evaluate condition, authenticity, etc.

* The seller covers shipping costs.

Want to give your items the best chance of selling?
Fill out the information below or email us :

Consignment Information

Please leave us a short description of the item(s) and approximate sold price you are looking to receive and we will contact you:

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